Termoelektriske Legeringer

Termoelektriske Legeringer

Thermocouples combine two legs of different materials, connected at the tip to close the circuit. Utilising Seebeck effect, the voltage reading of the two materials can then be accurately transformed into a temperature measurement. At Rhopoint Components, we are proud to offer a range of highest quality alloys for temperature measuring applications from Isabellenhütte. Our range includes thermocouple material types N, K, J, T, E, L and U, including thermoelectric lead material and alloys for compensating cables for types A, B, C, D, R and S. Overall, Isabellenhütte alloys cover the temperature range between -40°C and +1200°C and fulfil all the common international standards. Isabellenhütte's manufacturing process which includes testing and enhanced quality control throughout, not only enables full tracking, but allows for adjustments to the melt to achieve special, tailored properties to customer's requirement.

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Isotan® is a versatile Copper-Nickel alloy (CuNi44Mn1), low temperature coefficient and high resistance to oxidation and chemical corrosion. While it can be used for electrical resistors and potentiometers, it is not suitable for precision components due to its high EMF compared to Copper. Isotan® can be supplied in wide range of grades, qualities and versions depending on the application and customer's requirements (such as custom standardised temperature range). The most commonly it is used as a negative leg of thermocouple types J, L, T, U or E, extension and compensation leads. Isotan® is available in form of round wires from 0.03 to 10mm2 which can be bare or enamelled (between 0.05-1.5mm2), flat wire, ribbons or rods.

Please see the datasheet in the Technical library for outline guide of properties. When submitting an enquiry for Isotan®, please provide information about the application and/or any specific requirement for the alloy properties - this allows us to judge the best grade/version of Isotan® and offer the best possible price.

  • Thermoelectric/Resistance alloy CuNi44Mn1
  • Low temperature coefficient of electrical resistance
  • High resistance to oxidation and chemical corrosion
  • Available in variety of standardised temperature ranges and qualities
  • Easy to process - can be soldered, brazed and welded

Typical applications for Isotan® include:

  • Negative leg of thermocouple types J, L, T, U and E
  • Extension leads JNX, LNX, TNX, UNX and ENX
  • Compensating leads type KNBC and W5Re/W26Re
  • Electrical resistors and potentiometers (not precision)
  • Heating wires, cables and mats

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